Candle Making is a blend of science and art. To create a quality candle is similar to making a delicious Pavlova: it requires the perfect ingredients and the perfect temperature. Each candle type requires it’s own unique environment, room temperature, airflow, and wax temperature.

Each candle design is thoroughly tested to find the best wick. Testing for the wick means looking for the best burn quality: size of flame, a steady flame, and the wax pool it creates around the flame.

There are thousands of wicks to choose from and just to find the “right” wick for the color, wax and fragrance formulation can take days, weeks or months.

Our fragrances and essential oil blends are sourced from around the world. We create many of our own signature blends in-house. We sniff through hundreds of sample submissions to find the best scents.

 The wax formula is melted in a  vat and just before we pour the fragrance is added.

 We make from 40 to 1000 candles per day depending on the candle type.

 Once a Candle is made and out of its mold…we then proceed to hand finish – trimming, edging and polishing.

The raw candle out of the mold becomes a “polished jewel”.

 A candle made with love…





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