How to Accessorise your Interior with Candles - Part 1

Do you love our candles but want some tips on how to choose the right ones to suit you and your home? Read on for some pointers from an Interior Decor perspective in this 3 part blog series coming out fortnightly about using candles as an accessory to maximum effect.

Our granite range of candles are a great way of adding the elements of colour and light to your living spaces, to create environments you love to be in. Whether you are looking to create the mood for quiet reflective time or uplifting social time, our candles make it easy for you to achieve your desired atmosphere.


Candles are perfect for adding ‘pops’ of colour to create contrast and focus in an area. Look at what colours your other accessories are and try linking the candle colour to these for a sense of rhythm and balance in the space. 

candles and cushions


Living Light Burnt Orange candles with rusty orange cushions and similar coloured artworks adding warmth in a room painted soothing pale blue-grey such as Resene Icebreaker or Quarter Frozen. 

Hint: colours opposite each other on the colour wheel are known as ‘complementary’ and work together well when one is used as an accent colour as shown here with orange and blue.



If, however, you have a more harmonious decor scheme and wish to simply enhance this, choose candles with similar colouring to the hue existing in the room. It will add interest, without being distracting, by varying the patterns and textures present.  


Living Light NEW Golden Sand colour candles with oak furniture, woven rug, plush textiles, shiny golden metallics and ceramics in varying depths of colour.

Hint: using varying shades and tints of the same colour is known as a ‘monochromatic’ scheme and could appear dull or uninteresting without variety in textures, shapes, patterns, etc

designer candles


Written by Living Light Product Developer and qualified Interior Decor Consultant, Ngaire Fisher




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