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I receive great pleasure from the simplicity and natural beauty of my environment. I am grateful to live in such a wondrous place as Golden Bay and grow a business, which gives employment to our rural community through the ancient art of candle making.   I work with a wonderful team who give their passion and skills to making exquisite candles, and ambient home scents for all of you to enjoy.

This is my twenty-year anniversary of Living Light. My passion for creating beauty through light and scent, design and craftsmanship, continues to blossom and evolve with each new discovery made in this world of fragrance and wax.

My love affair with aroma began as a young child. Mum baking bread and the warm and fresh yeast aromas, delighted and nurtured me. Frankincense, the mystic scent pervading as the priest walked down the isle and blessed us. Or the sweet green smell of the grass freshly mowed on a summer’s day to ignite the thought of freedom and playfulness. These olfactory memories still evoke me to this day.

Over the course of years we have been carefully and without compromise, choosing and creating, a sophisticated pallet of fragrances and essential oil blends for our collection. Through the art of aroma we endeavor to offer an exquisite pallet of nurturing, natural, precious and rare olfactory experiences.

Our candles are made from 100% natural Soy, Plant and Bees Wax. We have spent hundreds of hours, testing for the perfect cotton wick to match the fragrance and wax combination, as this is the key to a quality, burning candle.

As a New Zealand Company, we choose to purchase our labels and our packaging from other New Zealand Made companies. When you purchase or receive a Living Light Candle or ambient product, know that it has been crafted with love, care and excellence.

My vision is to remain a Golden Bay company offering world class New Zealand-made offerings of light and scent – a gift of affordable luxury, which reflects natural living, inspires the senses and nurtures the human spirit.

Wishing you love and light!