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Living Light has a rewards programme for its customers.
For every purchase you make online you earn points which can then be used to make purchases at www.livinglightcandles.co.nz
10 points are earned for every $1 spent; for example, you will receive a $10 voucher if you spend $100
There is no minimum purchase to earn points and no minimum purchase to begin spending them. Points remain in your account until you need them and do not expire.


In order to earn points you need to have a registered store account, you can register here
If you already have a store account, then log in here
If you have made previous purchases from Living Light candles contact us and we can credit your account for previous purchases.

Earning Points

Every purchase you make will earn points (just make sure you're logged in when you make the purchase).
Every $1 spent will earn 10 points.
An additional 500 points for sending us feedback about your purchase or reviewing it online.

Spending Points

Your points balance can be seen here
These points can be redeemed here
Once your points have been redeemed, then you will receive a code which you enter at the checkout or give to somebody else to use.
Points and discounts do not expire.


If you have questions about the Living Light Rewards Programme then contact